Detox program with the liver cleanse of Andreas Moritz or Hulda Clark

The incredible liver- & gallbladder cleanse.
In The Body Tuning Clinic we can advice you about the incredible liver & gall bladder cleanse by Andreas Moritz or Hulda Clark.
We have the advices on a list and all necessary products in stock.

This cleanse needs a preparation of 6 days. In these 6 days avoid the use of animal foods, coffee of alcohol. Drink at least 1 litre apple juice every day or instead of apple juice you can take malic acid capsules.

On day 6: After 12 pm you don’t eat anything, you only can drink water.
At 6 and 8 pm. you drink a glass of water with Epsom salt. At 9.30 pm. you drink olive oil with pink grapefruit and walnut tincture. After that you go to bed and lay for 30 minutes on your back. The next morning at 6 and 8 am. You drink again a glass of water with epsom salt.
In the morning between 6 and 8 you get mostly the discharge of yellow and green liver stones. These may differ in size, colour and composition. At 10.00 am you can start eating again by taking some fruit.

It is recommended to do a colon hydrotherapy treatment one day before and one of two days after the cleansing. Anyway it is very important to do the colon hydrotherapy treatment afterwards, because no liver stones with toxins may be left behind in the colon.