Detoxification with Innerwave or Darmdetox (Colondetox)


In the Body Tuning Clinic we work with 2 different detox treatments: The INNERWAVE TREATMENT  en The DARMDETOX (COLONDETOX)

It is also possible to send the detox treatments to your address. That is for free
Send an e-mail with your name and address to and make a payment to the bankaccount of the Body Tuning clinic nr. NL83ABNA0424530333.  

INNERWAVE  TREATMENT:  you start to reduce your food in about  4-5 days, the real detox is 7 days and then you start with food again.

In this  detox package are all ingredients you have to use during this period. And there is a clear explanation with pictures and recepies. We can also help you to translate some things. But you will really understand this. There are 6 different  pots, each with there own cleaning of the body and the intestines, so that you will feel healthier and energized. During the Detox (of 7 days) you can choose or to drink only fresh juices, or you can drink smoothies and vegetable soups or if you want to detox a little lighter you can eat vegetables, fruits and nuts/seeds.

We always advice you to do a COLONIC at the end of the detox. You will be amazed how many toxins you still will loose. And then you really feel light and energized.

We do have a special price for the package deal:   INNERWAVE+COLONIC together  cost € 220.


DARMDETOX KUUR: This treatment consists of 7 shakes. You will drink them during the day. You solve them in water and drink them at once. In 1 package there are 7 shakes for 1 day. You don’t eat anything, but you have to drink more than 2 liters of water. You aren’t hungry at all.

It is very easy to do and it safes a lot of time. The minimum of detox days is 3, but can follow this detox more days if you like. This detox treatment is very good for people who want to detox in a short period. The shakes are a bit tasteless , but you can add some biological “diksap”. You can also drink a glass of clear soup.

Also after this treatment we advice to do a colonic.

The package deal is:  DARMDETOX KUUR+COLONIC together cost € 225.


DETOX WITH VEGAQURA Q-START: This is a 1-day detox programm. You take 10 glasses with enzym powder, enzym liquid and probiotics. We advice to do a colonic one day after the detox. 

vegaqura q start


Cleaning reactions:
During the first days of a detox program you can have different feelings, such as:
dizziness, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, nausea, headache, constipation or diarrhea, loss of concentration, mood swings. Make sure that you drink at least 2 liters.

We advise to do a colonic after each cleansing program.
After a detox you will feel mentally and physically fit and energetic.