Sensitive skin

Skin ConcellularThe Skin Concellular facialis a treatment specifically for people with sensitive skin. The substances which can give irritations by people with sensitive skins are deleted out of these creams. The creams do not contain parabens, nor fragrance or dyes. There are also special skin concellular products for using at home.



Aloe VeraAloe vera.
TheAloe Vera plant is one of theoldestand best known medicinal plants. Aloe Verahas been used for centuries in different cultures. From the ancient Greeks and Romans to Babylonian, Indian and Chinese people. Aloe vera wascalled “The Plant of Immortality”. Even Columbus took Aloe vera with him on his overseas trips for prevention and all different complaints.

In the facial for the sensitive skin we use the aloe vera fleece mask. That mask gives a calming and soothing feeling to the skin.