An enema is not the same as a colonic treatment.  People can do an enema at home. The water comes into the last part of the colon and has to stay there for a couple of minutes. But because of the high pressure, the water can’t stay so long in the body and then the run to the toilet is very quickly made. So an enema doesn’t come so high in the colon and doesn’t reach the whole colon. In the Body Tuning Clinic we only do the complete colon hydrotherapy which takes about 1 hour.


What you can do with us is a normal colonic and then at the end we give a coffee enema. The coffee we use is a green, biological coffee from Peru. This coffee gives an extra cleaning of the colon, but it  also  detoxifies the liver. We prepare this coffee and before the use we filter it. Slowly we bring  in the coffee and leave it for 15 minutes there (if possible). That time gives the best results. After the treatment you will feel a difference. Mostly the belly is quiet. For this combination we advice to have experience with a normal colonic.

The price of thee coffee enema is € 30 extra. The combination will cost € 125.