Mature skin

collageenCS III Collagen StimulationTreatment
This is a facial with the active substance SC III. This active substance stimulates the collagen III fibers in the skin and improves elasticity and firmness of the skin . Wrinkles will fade away. Home treatment can be continued with the corresponding products.This treatment is recommended for the mature skin with some wrinkles.


stri pexanStri-Pexan with Regestril
In this facial the active ingredient is Regestril. Regestril ensures that thecell matrix will be renewed, so the firming ingredients ofthe skin such as elastin and collagen are betterretained. After the treatment, the skin feels smooth and tight and looks healthy. The treatment is suitable for all skin types.


stri pexanStri-Pexan with phyto stam cell technology
With age, the number of stem cells in the body decreases. Active compounds from apple stem cells give new energy to the skin cells. This facial is an energy boost for the tired skin.


CP8Repagen Noir:Caviar Power Treatment
The word “power” refers to the greatimpact that this treatmenthas on the face. Caviar extract, stem cells fromgrapes and extract mineralhematite makes this Repagennoir facial to a luxurious anti-agingtreatment. It gives immediate amazing results!