I. Bartelli, Amsterdam
‘For 30 years I have had constipation complaints and took laxatives all those years.
Recently I also suffered from painful gout attacks.
Because I was often tired and had little resistance a friend suggested I try a colonic treatment.
Two colonics and a detox treatment later I can hardly believe how it has helped me.
My complaints have gone and have far more energy than I had before.
I play sports again and I have a far more positive attitude towards life again’.

M. Johansen, Baarn
’For two years I have felt under the wheather with various complaints, none of them very specific.
I went to see my doctor and despite a lot of tests he couln’t find anything.
Now I go for a gall bladder/liver cleansing treatment based on Andreas Moritz.
I also do a colonic after every cleansing.
I feel so much better now after 8 cleansings.
I am not completely there yet, but I feel that I am on the right path’.

S. van der Star, Amstelveen
’I was suffering from headaches, which increased in frequency.
The medicine I was taking for this didn’t help any more.
I did some research on internet and came across the colonic treatment.
Since then, I have had four treatments in a month and I feel much better and my headaches have gone away.’

M. de Koning, Amsterdam
’For years my weight has fluctuated. What ever diet I followed, I didn’t lose any weight.
I was constipated and my stool was bad.
I was also very tired and always felt hungry.
Then I met Liesbeth (dietician), she recommended me to eat more fiber and to take colonics.
After the first treatment I felt much better immediately as if I had lost several kilos of weight. The pressure I felt in my stomach had gone away.
Another three colonics later I felt so much better that it seemed I was the same person but in a different body. Now I maintain a stable weight.’

M. van den Broek, Diemen
’I always felt as if I had an inflated stomach,as if I were 6 month pregnant.
Especially after dinner it became worse. I had to loosen the button of my trousers.
I started to watch my diet, to avoid aggrevating this feeling of discomfort.
After consulting Liesbeth I made some changes of my diet, especially avoiding gas forming products.
I then had a number of colonics, which were not half as bad as I had expected.
The treatment made me feel so much better, that I have decided to go back for repeat treatments on regular basis, because my complaints have gone away’.