Mrs. Meertens, Haarlem
‘I found the cleanse easy to maintain.
For me it was the first time I did a detox cure. In the beginning I had some trouble to drink the clay shake.
I noticed that when I fill the cup with fresh orange juice the taste was better and the shake was thinner.
Since I always have problems with defecate, it was a relief how easy and how much I lost. After the treatment I felt very fit and energetic’.

Mr. Dijkstra, Alkmaar
’The first two days I suffered from headaches, which I never did.
I knew that this was due to the detoxification of my body.
The third day I began to feel much better.
The last day I have had a colonic and still got rid of toxins.
After that week I had a very clean and good feeling.’

Mr. van Lennip, Utrecht
’I have often done a fasting cure.
It was the first time I did the Arise & Shine cure.
The advantage of this treatment is that you are allowed to eat.
Although only the prescribed food, but you can get a healthy diet together.
During the cure I could work normally and really had no problems’.

Mrs. Hagenaars, Amstelveen
’I wanted a detox treatment and opted for the Arise and Shine cure, because you can eat something.
Normally I drink quite a lot of alcohol.
The first 4 days I very much suffered from headaches and I have been tired all week.
That I could drink no alcohol was not too bad.
The last day I began to feel much better.
After the colonics I still got rid of a lot of toxins.
After that I feel absolutely great.’
I certainly will do it again.

Mrs. Schaafstra, Amsterdam
’I wanted a detox treatment, because I wanted to lose weight.
I’ve heard that you can lose weight during a detox..
In total I lost 2 kg in one week and the following weeks I had no problems with my calorie restricted diet and regulary lost weight.
I felt energetic and clear in my head.
Now I’ve lost 9 kg in total.’

Mr. Noppen, Amsterdam
’I am a runner and wanted to detoxify.
During the course, I have not been running.
I’ve been tired all week, and had sore muscles.
At 9 pm. I went to bed.
In this week I was very aware of my eating and drinking habit.
Yet I have felt really good after that time’.

Mrs. Wiesmeijer, Amstelveen
’I had constipation problems and therefore a bad skin and frequent headaches.
First I have had three colonicsand I have changed my diet.
The defecation was already significant better.
Then I followed the Arise & Shine treatment and afterwards again a colonic.
Now I feel as a different person. Every day I go to the toilet.
Twice a year I want to do the clay treatment.’

Mr. Bruinsma, Den Haag
’The detox treatment was not hard to do, but I found hard to take the clay drink.
Only mixed with fresh juice it tasted better.
I have felt very good after the treatment.’