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    Energizing treatment

    vitamine C behandelingThe vitaminC treatment provides the skin with energy, stimulates and improves the drainage of toxins. Vitamin C increases the cell activity and elasticity of the skin.

    This treatment is a winner.
    Very suitable as a beautifier for a party or wedding.


    CP8Repagen Noir: CaviarPower Treatment
    The word “power” refers to the greatimpact that this treatmenthas on the face.
    Caviar extract, stem cells fromgrapes and extract mineralhematite makes this Repagennoir facial to a luxurious anti-agingtreatment.
    It gives immediate amazing results!
    The treatment lasts 90 minutes.


    Thalasso therapie
Thalasso therapy
    In this facial we work with minerals from the sea.
    It is a very refreshing and energizing treatment and gives a sparkling feeling to the skin.