Colon hydrotherapy

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A colon hydrotherapy is also called a colonic.

A colonic is sometimes confused with an enema. However, an enema does not reach as far into the colon as the colon hydrotherapy does.
Colon hydrotherapy supports the natural elimination of toxins from the body by flushing out toxins from the bowels, which have accumulatedthere.Through this treatment toxins are flushed out more quickly than through the other organs that normally perform this function: such as the skin, colon, lungs, kidneys and liver. Our body can be very highly intoxicated owing to stress, the wrong food and the use of alcohol and drugs.

Colon hydrotherapyThis creates an unfavourable environment in the colon, and can result in an inflated belly. This is the result of toxins and gasses in the intestine, causing all kinds of complaints such as a bloated feeling after eating.

Other complaints you may experience:

  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhea and constipation
  • spastic colon, irritable bowel
  • skin rash, eczema, psoriasis
  • headache, low back pain, bladder complaints
  • fatigue and concentration disorders
  • overweight
  • candida
  • high blood pressure, insomnia


The main benefit of eliminating toxic waste from the bowels through colon hydrotherapy is thatyou feel more vibrant, energetic and rejuvenated!


Colon treatment

Then the drain is opened and the intestinal waste can be extracted, your abdomen is massaged during this part of the treatment.This abdominal massage stimulates your natural peristalsis (wave motion). You are asked to concentrate on what you are experiencing and above all we encourage you to relax. Because we use a closed system there is no unpleasant odour. The process of inserting water is repeated several times and each cycle cleansesa higher part of the colon. So eventually the whole colon is cleaned.

Colon hydrotherapyIn most cases, three treatments over a period of a month is sufficient for the desired result. In case of prolonged complaints/illnesses, multiple treatments may be required.

As a precaution we recommend a single treatment every 4-6 months. A colonic treatment takes about 1 hour and will not only cure you of your main complaintbut you will experience a general improvement of vitality, and blood circulation of the body.