Endermology / Cellulite treatment / LPG

endermologieCellulite treatment

Endermologie, with the Cellu M-6 device, is a cellulite treatment that combines very firm massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin’s surface in an attempt to break up the fat cells that cause cellulite dimpling.

The effect of the treatment:

  • loosening of the skin, and accurate correction of body shapes
  • improved and stimulate blood circulation
  • improved lymphatic drainage
  • expulsion of tension and fatigue (restless legs)
  • stretching of the connective tissue walls, which encourage the fibrous tissue cells to produce better quality collagen and elastin, thus toning and firming the body.


After about 5 treatments, the skin first will become softer and looser but after that period the skin will become more firm and tight.

How many treatments do you need?
We recommend 2 times per week a 35-minute treatment.
You will need 10-15 treatments

This treatment is also very suitable before and after liposuction and liposculpture.

As treatment before:
it makes the skin looser from the underlying connective tissue layer so that the doctor can easily suck the fat away.
Advice: 6-8 treatments three times a week.

As treatment aftert:
two weeks after liposuction you can start with the Cellu M-6 treatment. The surface of the skin will be quickly equalized.
Advice: 5-7 treatments twice a week